We oversee and control every stage of the value chain


Control from fishing at origin to distribution ensures product safety and traceability

Our quality and food safety policy encompasses all the company’s areas and processes, from fishing at source, through to processing, storage and transportation processes, while respecting the cold chain to the maximum.

We strictly adhere to all food safety and responsibility standards, acting in accordance with legal regulations with total transparency, thereby ensuring the high organoleptic and sanitary quality of all our products, to safeguard the health of consumers while striving to ensure that they are satisfied.

Digitalisation and automation give us information in real time, which facilitates decision making and teamwork, while safeguarding all quality processes

 An example of our commitment to innovation is the

monitoring of automated treatment tanks, a parameter to be monitored with a view to obtaining the right properties in the raw material, or a machine vision system to detect parasites in the raw material

which means we can spot defects in the first step of processing, with maximum reliability, eliminating any risk.


Excellence in a job well done

* Voluntary technical protocols, developed by European distributors with a view to helping suppliers to provide safe products, in accordance with environmental specifications and legislation in force.



Compliance with hygiene procedures, cold chain, etc., as well as periodic vessel inspections.

Unloaded Product


Raw material analysis (freshness, size, weight…), and comprehensive and exhaustive laboratory analysis.

Processing and manufacturing


Food safety, appearance, cold chain, client specifications, and packaging control.

Finished product


Laboratory analysis in line with visual, physicochemical, microbiological and organoleptic criteria.


Committed to quality, food safety standards and the environment



MSC accredits us as a certified company in sustainable fishing, guaranteeing the well-being of ecosystems and species, generating the minimum environmental impact. It also certifies that we comply with local, national and international regulations in this field, ensuring the traceability of the product, its sustainability and that it has been legally caught.



The IFS (International Featured Standards) certification obtained for the Domaio and Villagarcía plants assures our clients that their specifications are met, as well as comparability and transparency throughout the supply chain