We Keep presence and control throughout the value chain


Control from fishing at source to distribution, ensures the safety and traceability of the product

Our quality and food safety policy involves all areas and processes of the company, from fishing at source, through the manufacturing, storage and transport processes, respecting the cold chain as much as possible.

We strictly follow all food safety and responsibility standards, acting according to legal regulations with full transparency, ensuring thus the high organoleptic and sanitary quality of all our products, for the greater protection and satisfaction of the final consumer.

Digitization and automation allow to have information in real time, which facilities decision-making, teamwork and ensures all quality processes.

 An example of our commitment to innovation is the

monitoring in automated treatment tanks, a parameter to monitor to obtain the appropriate properties in the raw material, or artificial vision

for the detection of parasites in the raw material, which allows to identify defects in the first step of processing, with maximum reliability, eliminating any risk.


For excellence in a well-done job

* Voluntary technical protocols, developed by European distributors with the purpose of helping suppliers to supply safe products, in accordance with environmental specifications and current legislation.



 Compliance with hygiene procedures, cold chain, etc…, and periodic inspections of ships


Downloaded product

Raw material analysis (freshness, size, weight…) and complete and exhaustive laboratory analysis.


Processing and elaboration

Food safety, appearance, cold chain, customer specifications and packaging control


Finished product

Laboratory analysis according to visual, physical-chemical, microbiological and organoleptic criteria


Committed to quality, food safety standards and the environment.



MSC accredits us as a certifies sustainable fishing company, guaranteeing the well-being of ecosystems and species, generating minimal environmental impact. Likewise, it also certifies us in compliance with local, national and international regulations in this matter, ensuring the traceability of the product, it´s sustainability and that it has been legally captured.



The IFS (International Featured Standards) certification obtained for the Domaio and Villagarcía plants, assures our clients that they meet their specifications, as well as comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.