We are highly flexible and versatile

Production of 35,000 tonnes/year and 115,000 m² of cold storage capacity.

We can guarantee the sustainability of supply to all our customers, with quick turnaround times. What’s more, our 5 production plants operate their processes in accordance with the strictest quality and food safety standards.

Moaña production plant

32,000 m2 of Freezers

45,000 m2 of Surface area

13,000 m2 of Processing rooms

Vigo production plant

40,000 m2 of Freezers

30,000 m2 of Surface area

6,000 m2 of Processing rooms

Villagarcía production plant

5,150 m2 of Freezers

8,000 m2 of Surface area

2,850 m2 of Processing rooms


We ensure the responsible and sustainable development of our group of companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a fundamental principle set out in our business strategy. We comply with all the legal and juridical requirements of all the countries we operate in, throughout every stage of our value chain: fishing, processing, marketing, and distribution.

Within the scope of CSR, we are committed to complying with our principles of business ethics, fostering well-being in society, and committing to

sustainable development in different fields such as the environment, good and fair labour practices, and social cohesion.

Sharing resources and fostering sports, cultural, and charitable activities is in our corporate DNA. For this reason, for years we have sponsored and collaborated with numerous non-profit organisations, with the aim of adding value beyond our own business.